testimonial 2 | Roni Porokara, professional football player - middenvelder - Germinal Beerschot

Ben's chiropractic care helped to get rid of my low back pain throughout the football matches. He has found a way to get rid of my low back pains and he managed to keep me pain-free throughout my football season. I was happily surprised to experience it’s possible to live without pains which I experienced on an ongoing basis before I started chiropractic care.

Furthermore, thanks to Ben’s care I perform better than ever before and I’m in much better shape now.  His treatment has helped my body to last longer in a higher use. He has thereby given me the opportunity to train harder. After Ben’s chiropractic corrections, my stamina increased significantly. I have always trained hard and much but now, thanks to combining chiropractic with my training I have reached really high levels of stamina. It has become much easier to perform at top level during my trainings and during my football matches. Chiropractic care has even lowered my stress levels.

I can with good confidence recommend Ben's care to others, from athletes to my mom.

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