testimonial 1 | Hermanni Vuorinen, professional football player - striker - Sporting Charleroi

I was almost hopeless before going to Corthier´s chiropractic clinic. I hadn’t been able to play football for months and was close to saying goodbye to my football career, until I started chiropractic care with Ben Corthier. I had tried many things before chiropractic and nothing provided me a sustained improvement, until Ben started correcting my neck and back. From the first treatment I noticed a big improvement in my low back discomfort and leg pain and it just kept going better and better from that point on.

Ben is a very positive person. After talking to someone like Ben who lives with so much joy and a thirst for life it made me happier too with a happy outlook on life.

His techniques on reconditioning the brain helped me to play at my best. My experience with Ben is that he over-delivers to what people claim he’s great at, which is improving people’s quality of life and sports performances for professional athletes.

I am grateful to have received such a great recommendation from my friend and football player Roni Porokara, who was also helped much by Ben. I strongly recommend his care to others.

A big thank you to Ben Corthier!

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