testimonial 4 | Martine Aerts

After making a wrong movement at work I experienced acute back pain. Thanks to a recommendation from a colleague I went to the practice of Ben and Dean Corthier in Antwerp.

At the reception desk I was received by a very friendly lady who handed me a brochure with information on chiropractic. After a chiropractic analysis, Ben was able to see what caused the problem. He explained step by step what he was about to do and let me know that it would most likely not have healed completely after one treatment. He was right, however, week by week I felt my low back discomfort decreasing.

One time I told Ben that my feet and knees hurt so much when I got out of bed in the mornings. It’s a type of discomfort you get used to and don’t think about anymore and consider normal, until the pain becomes unbearable as the problem had progressed. Ben has taken care of this problem too. On every consultation he loosened up the joints in my feet and now I get up in the morning without feeling crippled. 

As I experienced such great results, I advised my son to go and see Ben for a check-up. He had suffered from neck stiffness for years after a car crash and at times he would have so much discomfort that he had to take muscle relaxant pills. At first, my son didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of someone adjusting his neck, but Ben reassured him and explained that he would be able to help. At the moment he feels little to no neck discomfort. I have a job that puts a lot of strain on my back and it’s nice to know that our family can count on Ben and Dean for our health and problems.

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