The team

Our practice consists of three experienced chiropractors: Philip, Dean and Ben Corthier. Click on our photo to view our biography.

Ben Corthier

Chiropractor Ben Corthier states that the analysis and specificty in the adjustment given are crucial when optimizing the quality of the chiropractic care given as well as for the chiropractic care he wants to receive himself. He chose to add as much specificity in the analysis and adjusment as possible, building onto the priciples of Bartlett Joshua Palmer D.C. and Kale D.C., after travelling to experience and compare other techniques with great potential and after building onto over 40 years of chiropractic experience that his father and brother passed onto him

The essence of our profession is to add critical value to ones health and quality of life through the application of the specific adjustment needed to clear the main nervous system irritation also know as the vertebral subluxation and the prevention thereoff. These type of irritations create suffering and disease with declining quality of life whilst inhibiting life to be experienced and expressed fully. The specific adjustment allows us to clear these brain and nerve problems as well as allowing the person to reach optimal brain and body function as well as optimal healing and optimal better health, allowing us to experience and express life fully. Living free of nerve irritations (subluxations) is crucial to reach optimal quality of life, optimal brain and body function and optimal health which allows us to be all we can be expressing and experiencing life fully.

Practice Brasschaat

Sint Antoniuslei 51, 2930 Brasschaat,
tel. 03/283 72 50


Practice Antwerp

Kiliaanstraat 14, 2000 Antwerp,
tel. 03/232 02 19


Practice Hamme

Weverstraat 29, 9220 Hamme,
tel. 052/47 67 13