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Chiropractors Corthier proudly announce the introduction of the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station diagnostic equipment into their family chiropractic practice in Antwerp. "This state-of-the-art technology objectively analyzes the function of the spine and nervous system, which cannot be seen on X-ray".  Click here to view an example of a health measurement before correction phase. This is what the measurement looks like after correction phase. The Insight Millennium features three different and distinct tests, which will safely and accurately document and monitor their patients so that they receive the specific care necessary for improved health and nervous system function.  Since the nervous system is the most important system in the human body, it is important to have it checked periodically.

Professional athletes who depend on their bodies realize the important role of their spine which allows them to function at peak efficiency.  “Don’t we all want our bodies to function the best it possibly can? We are very excited to offer the same level of technology to our patients that professional and world class athletes are using”. This technology will also allow our patients to better understand the cause of their problem, which will help Drs. Corthier to develop a tailor-made care program for improved health, function and flexibility.

The Insight Technology clearly shows that chiropractic care is much more than a temporary fix for neck or back pain; it’s essential to their ongoing health and wellness. Not only is the Insight technology being taught and used at many leading chiropractic colleges around the world, it is used regularly by Olympic Gold medalists and in the locker rooms of many famous sports teams like the Super Bowl champion Colts, the Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens.

The Insight Technology was recently awarded exclusive certification by The Space Foundation, a non-profit organization that works in cooperation with NASA. It is the only technology of its kind to receive this certification.

The science behind the insight subluxation station:

There are generally accepted criteria that must be met to determine the efficacy of an outcome assessment system. The Insight Subluxation Station meets them all.

  • The applications, indications, normative data and protocols for the test have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Independent studies have been performed.
  • The technology has been certified by independent bodies.
  • The test is taught at CCE accredited chiropractic colleges.
  • The product has been admitted as evidence in court.
  • The test is approved for use by clinical guidelines accepted by the profession.

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